Secretarial Services

Orion Secretarial Services will take time to ensure the companies remain compliant with legislation outlined in Companies Act 2001 at all times. We also take the responsibility to keep up to date with any changes in compliance.

  • Filing annual returns; Orion will take over this responsibility from the limited company directorfor the completion and timely submission of the company’s annual return and full accounts by the statutory deadline.
  • Updating the Company’s Statutory Books;keeping a record of any changes to the structure of the company, including the Register of Directors and the Register of Shareholders.
  • Guide the directors; Guide the directors towardsany law relevant matters affecting their companies, assisting collectively and individually with guidance as to the duties, responsibilities and powers.
  • Communication with shareholders;Act as a bridge between shareholders and the company, communicating any important announcements. This includes sending out news and liaising with shareholders to organize shareholder meetings and the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Maintaining paperwork;The team will be responsible for the security and accuracy of important company documents, which include the certificate of incorporation, share certificates and other important ones.